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- argh (pending since July 10, 2020)
nct-the7thsenseten03, skz-mypaceseungmin08, skz-mypace20, skz-mypacebangchan06, skz-mypacebangchan11

- danni (pending since July 10, 2020)
chungha-rollercoasterera12, chungha-rollercoasterera18, day6-daysgonebyyoungk17, itzy-dalladallayeji17, skz-district915, skz-voices19, twice-dancethenightawaytzuyu07, twice-dancethenightawaytzuyu17

- mirabel (pending since July 10, 2020)
bap-wakemeupyongguk11, bap-wakemeupyongguk12, bap-wakemeupyongguk17, chungha-rollercoasterera07, chungha-rollercoasterera13, chungha-rollercoasterera16, dc-goodnightyoohyeon06, dc-goodnightyoohyeon16, nct-the7thsenseten07

- yangdizzy (pending since July 10, 2020)
skz-iamyouwoojin20, skz-miroh01, skz-miroh12, skz-mypace14, skz-mypacehan01

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